Instruction manual rotary iron AEG KB 85/KB 65 Electronic

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AEG KB 85/KB 65 Electronic Operating instructions

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Successional you will find further information and useful tips concerning following subjects:

  • tips, how to mangle trousers, shirts, pullover and skirts with a rotary iron
  • cleaning a heater plate
  • decalcifying a steam ironer (ironing machines as Miele B 866 D/B 895 D, Pfaff 858/658/856, Cordes CB 866 D/853/854, Matura Dampftronic)
  • wrapping a roller with steel wool
  • useful advices how to repair an ironer
  • renew a roller cover (rotary iron cloth)

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Tip: Improve the performance of your mangle by using a resistant roller cover and keeping the heater plate clean.




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