Steam ironer 103 ironing machine (rotary press)

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Steam Ironer 103 rotary press is constructed in the same way as Pfaff. The production of the popular Pfaff steam ironers has been continued by Holek in accordance with the guideline of Pfaff. It is fitted with a high quality aluminium ironing shoe that enables a very quick availability. Folded together, it even does not need more space than a chair. Steam can be switched on subsidiary. In comparison to Pfaff 858, this model is fitted with a variable steam regulation in order to adapt the steam output to the residual damp of clothes. Recommended for domestic use.



  • folding storage system

  • length of the roller: 103 cm

  • free end of the roller - iron cylindrically shaped articles easily (skirts, trousers, frills etc.)

  • the ironing machine is fitted with casters for easy transportation


  • aluminium ironing shoe heats up very quickly

  • electrical foot-switch

  • steam facilities available


  • finished work is automatically fed through onto the laundry table below the roller in soft folds to ensure that it remains creasefree

  • enough free space for your legs to iron more comfortable

  • clearly arranged control panel

  • speed of the roller can be controlled via foot pedal


  • rotary iron is fitted with a protection switch, which prevents damage to articles just being ironed in the case of an electricity failure.

  • similar to a professional ironer, the ironing shoe is beneath the roller

  • Pfaff's roller presses have the highest contact pressure

  • instead of a chrome-plated ironing shoe, Pfaff uses aluminium only

  • water container is sufficient for about 60 minutes of steam ironing


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Steam Ironer 103 shows excellent results at almost all points. It is a solid model with all functions necessary. We recommend this ironer for domestic use with a higher demand.


Details on the condition: new (original packaging)


Warranty: 12 months


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Dust cover / hood for rotary ironers (not foldable) Dust cover / hood for rotary ironers (not foldable)
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