Original Aramid needle felt cloth for all rotary ironers

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Roller cover universal – Aramid needle felt wrapping [for all Rotary Ironers]

There is no alternative for professional mangles! For industrial ironers only (minimum roller length 200 cm).


This original Aramid roller cover fits all rotary ironers with a roller length up to 200 cm. Please make your choice using the drop-down menu to the top right of the page.


Please proceed as follows

  1. Select the fitting roller length
  2. Select the roller wrapping of your rotary iron
  3. Name the roller diameter or circumference at the end of the ordering process


Select the roller length

Please measure the roller length of your ironer. If your roller length is not available in the drop-down menu, please send an e-mail to:


Select the roller padding

Please select the roller padding beneath the roller cover. The roller padding is often made of steel wool or elastopress springs. If you are not sure, please ask the manufacturer or send us a picture of it via e-mail to:


Name the roller diameter or circumference (max. circumference 80 cm)

When you have made your selection, please add the product to the basket. At the end of the ordering process you will find a box at the bottom of the page named "we would like you to name the diameter or circumference of the roller. You will find a box at the bottom of the page named "Order and delivery comments". There we would like you to name the roller diameter or circumference.


How to measure the roller circumference

Firstly please find a strap in order to wrap it around the roller. Afterwards the excessive strap must be cut off. Finally the length of the strap accords with the circumference of the roller.


Quality attributes

It is easy to wrap around the roller due to the pull straps. Rotary press covers made of Aramid fibres achieves an excellent finish in the long run, because it extracts residual moisture much better than other fabrics. It is more hard-wearing than conventional iron covers and in addition it shows a very good heat resistance up to 392°F (200°C). Therefore, the roller wrapping remains elastic in order to adjust clothes of different thicknesses. Even highly fluctuating temperatures and excessive moisture hardly affects the roller cloth. There is no other alternative for professional flatwork ironers.


3 demands on a roller cover:

  1. a sustainable excellent finish even with higher capacity
    • high absorption of liquid to achieve an even and soft drying of the textile
    • remain elastic in order to adjust clothes of different thicknesses
    • glide gently through the mangle without pleating or causing laundry jam
  2. 100% Suitable for roller size
    • Proper thickness of the table cloth
    • Easy to wrap around the roller in accordance with manual
    • Exact dimensions to get the correct roller volume
  3. lasting properties
    • high heat resistant
    • resistant against high fluctuations in temperature  
    • lower friction values which can be transmitted easily


Analyses have shown that Aramid needle felt wrapping achieves very good elasticity values and excellent performance with regard to smoothness and adjustment. With respect to the useful life it is a good value for money. A proper roller wrapping is a must for a good ironing machine. Only Aramid needle felts meet the above mentioned requirements in the long run.


Additional product information

Roller diameter Please name the diameter or circumference of the roller at the end of the ordering process. You will find a box named "Order and delivery comments".
Instructions for use Aramid wrapping Download

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