Roller Cover for rotary iron 85 cm - Type B

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Roller Cover Active Care  Type B – Elastic mangle cloth

Do you own a valuable rotary ironing machine and wish to achieve ironing results as good as at the beginning?

The roller cover is essential for optimal operating condition and laundry care. It is always exposed to friction forces, highly fluctuating temperatures and excessive moisture. Theses crucial factors wear out the mangle cloth and affect the ironing results seriously. 

After years of tests and close cooperation with German textile manufacturers, we finally developed the resistant Roller Cover Active Care. The elastic fabric is made of 100% cotton in full-twisted yarn quality. It is more hard-wearing than conventional iron covers and in addition it shows a very good heat resistance up to 392°F (200°C). Therefore, the roller wrapping remains elastic in order to adjust clothes of different thicknesses.



The rotary iron cover must remain a high elasticity to prevent a local overstraining of clothes. Hence, the laundry glides gently through the mangle without pleating or causing laundry jam.

Additionally, it achieves an even and soft drying of the textile. The active fabric is particularly permeable to steam and ensures the essential absorption of liquid to extract residual moisture.  


Roller Cover Active Care gives you a perfect finish again: A gentle ironing and highest laundry care.

Important: Roller Cover Active Care is no universal ironing cover. It is suitable designed for most popular ironers. Please check if your ironing machine is included in the list below.


  • roller length: 830 - 860 [mm]
  • roller circumference: 506 - 521 [mm]

Active Care Type B is suitable for the following rotary ironers:

  • Miele B 859
  • Miele B 862
  • Miele B 863
  • Miele B 864
  • Miele B 865
  • Miele B 866 D
  • Miele B 890
  • Miele B 895 D
  • Miele B 990
  • Miele B 995 D
  • Cordes CB 859
  • Cordes CB 866 D
  • Matura Dampftronic
  • alle Siemens Heimbügler mit einer Walzenbreite von 85cm
  • alle Bosch Heimbügler mit einer Walzenbreite von 85cm
  • alle Constructa Heimbügler mit einer Walzenbreite von 85cm
  • Pfaff 851
  • Pfaff 852
  • Pfaff 853
  • Pfaff 854
  • Pfaff 856
  • Pfaff 858
  • and many more

If your model is not included in the list above, please check if your ironer has a roller length of 830-860 mm and a roller circumference of 506-521 [mm].

How to measure the roller circumference:

Firstly please find a strap in order to wrap it around the roller. Afterwards the excessive strap must be cut off. Finally the length of the strap accords with the circumference of the roller.  

Does the list includes your model?

Congratulations, it suits! You can order it in our shop. A manual that shows how to change the roller cover is enclosed.

Shipping within the EU takes about 3-5 working days. Shipping to the USA and Canada can take up to 7 working days.


Tutorial: How to replace the roller cover


Our warranty:

If you are not satisfied with Roller Cover Active Care, you will receive your money back.

In addition we give you a warranty of 5 years.

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Delivery weight: 1 kg

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