Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)


How much are shipping costs?

Please find information about shipping costs via the following link:

You will also see the detailed shipping costs in the shopping basket. Feel free to cancel the order within the ordering process.

If your country is not listed, please send an e-mail to: and mention the detailed shipping address, so we can ask for a special day rate.


Free download of manuals:

A detailed download information is available


Purchase of old rotary irons

Please send following information to:

  1. model or type of machine (serial number if available)
  2. picture of the heater plate (deep scratches?)
  3. any faults
  4. pick up at our risk and costs?
  5. pick up possible on the ground floor without detaching anything ?
  6. pick up address
  7. price

Repair Services

Please send the following information to:

  1. are you a customer of Mangelwaren? (customer number if available)
  2. model or type of machine (serial number if available)
  3. description of the fault (a video if possible)
  4. are you able to send the rotary ironer to our warehouse in Germany, Cologne?
  5. location of the rotary ironer


Beside legal warranty we give an additional warranty for our certified and refurbished rotary ironers. This is because we only refurbish very solid and durable rotary ironers which are expected to work for several decades again. If there should arise any technical error within the warranty period which is not due to improper use, we undertake to have the fault rectified within Germany, Austria or Switzerland, at our expense by Miele's factory service department or other customer service technicians authorized by us. Outside of these countries we offer a free spare parts delivery. Any attempt to repair the machine that is not authorized by us, e.g. by opening the housing or other sealing caps, will void the warranty. For more information, please check the detailed terms and conditions of warranty.


Availability and stock

The current availability and delivery time of a product is always displayed next to the shopping cart button. Some products are shipped from external warehouses for economic and ecological reasons, so the delivery time from each product may differ from each other.


What ist the difference between mangle machine, flatwork ironer, rotary press, rotary ironing machine and rotary ironer?

Actually, all terms are just synonyms for the same product. For smaller machines for domestic use we use terms like rotary press, rotary ironing machine and rotary ironer. For bigger commercial machines we call it mangle or flatwork ironer.


Does my rotary ironer really need a steam function

Commercial flatwork ironers are not equipped with a steam function. The most important point is the roller wrapping (steel wool/elastopress springs) and the roller cover made of ARAMID which is responsible for the contact pressure. Also for domestic rotary ironers we usually recommend to work without steam because of the higher purchase and operating costs. In addition, some devices require more maintenance and need to be decalcified regularly. If you still want to go with steam, we recommend the BM 850 ironing machine from Mangelwaren, because it comes with an anti-calcification system. Generally we recommend to make sure that the laundry has a good residual moisture to achieve best ironing finish. Dry linen can always be damped afterwards. Rule of thumb: moisture + heat + contact pressure = ironing finish.


Which rotary ironer suits my purpose?

All ironing machines in our store have their justification and certain advantages and disadvantages. The operation itself is very similar in all machines. All heats up to approximately the same temperature. The contact pressure is always related to the roller wrapping. Make sure that the roller is covered on the top with an ARAMID needle felt. This can be retrofitted for all ironing machines to improve the contact pressure compared to normal cotton covers. In addition, they last longer, do not crease and slip. For commercial machines ARAMID needle felts are used only. Here you should pay more attention to the capacity than to the type of laundry. Not only the roller width, but also the roller diameter is decisive for the capacity. To compare different flatwork ironers we indicated the benchmark capacity in kg/h. However, this benchmark is good for a comparison, but you will never be able to achieve it under normal conditions. The output depends on the laundry material and the individual working skill of the operator. Finally, make sure that the ironer is maintenance-free to save unnecessary maintenance costs. It can be summarized: If you were already satisfied with a particular type of rotary ironer, we recommend that you buy a similar one again.


What does maintenance-free mean?

Rotary ironers are known for a lifetime of up to 70 years. Proper use will reduce wear and tear tremendously. It is important to clean the heater plate with a special cleaning cloth and mangle wax regularly to avoid dirt and excessive wear. Once in a while the roller cover need to be be replaced to ensure a proper feed in. If the roller wrapping underneath the roller cover is made of steel wool, it also need to replaced to maintain a high contact pressure. Beside that, most rotary ironers do not have specific maintenance intervals. A few models are not maintenance-free, which means that a technician must check for wear regularly. If low operating costs are important to you, make sure that the machine is maintenance-free.