Miele HM 5314 Rotary Ironer (Flatwork Ironer)

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Miele HM 5314 Professional (Certified Refurbished)

Miele HM 5314 is the smaller version of HM 5316. Miele's HM Series are in comparison with PM Series simply constructed and can be operated without computer-controlled programs. It is already equipped with innovative product details and all important functions. It is worth highlighting that high-quality components can be easily replaced. It guarantees an enhanced product longevity. Excellent user convenience, absolute dependability and high-capacity throughput. Miele HM-Professional Series meet the most exacting requirements for a perfect laundry finish in hotels, laundries and nursing homes.

Info brochure: Miele HM 5314/5316



  • Roller diameter [cm]: 25
  • Roller length [cm]: 140
  • Feed-in and return of laundry to the front
  • Roller bearings on both sides


  • Heating: electric
  • Roller wrapping: stainless steel wool (exclusive to Mangelwaren)
  • Roller cover: ARAMID needle felt cloth
  • Easy-to-operate foot control bar: leaving your hands free to guide the laundry in smoothly
  • Patented automatic finger-safeguard


  • Heater plate closes and roller rotates automatically when the device is switched on
  • Roller can be stopped via the foot control bar
  • Roller can be run backwards via the foot control bar as well
  • Simple operation: clearly arranged control panels
  • Roller speed control: adapt to the moisture level
  • Temperature control: adapt to different types of fabric.
  • Laundry table: finished laundry is fed through onto the laundry table below the roller in soft folds to ensure that it remains crease-free.

Special Features

  • Properties of aluminium trough for short heat-up times and excellent heat distribution
  • Perfectly finished aluminium trough
  • Optimum temperature distribution from infeed side to outfeed edge
  • Exclusive to Mangelwaren: steel wool wrapping is replaced by stainless steel wool for long- lasting resilience an uniform contact pressure across entire roller length


  • 10 Years Spare Parts Warranty


Technical details

Dimensions H/W/D [cm]: 100/191/59

Weight [kg]: 196



Miele HM 5314 Professional is like HM 5316 simply constructed and manages all perfectly without any "technical knickknacks". No maintenance and lower less in value reduce running costs up to 40%. Our customers appreciate the very simple operation and constant performance. Miele HM Professional ironers meet the most exacting requirements for a perfect laundry finish in hotels, laundries and nursing homes.


Certified & Refurbished (12 months warranty)

Ready for operation: "Plug & Play"


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Original Aramid needle felt cloth for Miele HM 5316 Original Aramid needle felt cloth for Miele HM 5316
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